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pleasure in the pathless woods

That’s my friend Pok trying to be funny while we were taking a photo. And it turned out quite funny and it made us laugh.

So the Melbourne trip so far has mostly been hanging out with friends we came here with, visiting friends I’ve not seen for ages, and meeting new friends of friends. It’s relaxed, with no real itinerary and I like it that way.

We just decided to go off to a beach house cottage tomorrow, just to chill and get out of the city. I hope we get a BBQ going!


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Note to self

Packing for Melbourne (yay, leaving this Fri!)

List of small things to bring (very important but easily forgotten):
– isaac’s stuff
– vaseline, handcream, moisturiser, lip balm, evian spritzer, extra contact lenses
– books, ipod, macbook, camera, ipod charger, macbook charger, camera charger, handphone charger
– toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hair serum in small bottle, contact lens solution, spectacles
– Shiseido facial wash, toner in small bottle, makeup base, MAC Studio Fix, Benetint, Shu Uemura eyeliner

List of things to do before leaving:
– handover list for work, set out-of-office note
– pay all outstanding bills
– stick flight details on the fridge
– store flight details, visa details, travel insurance details, car rental details into my phone

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My Red Flying Pigeon

Jon woke me up early this morning – well, he usually does and I usually try to ignore him for a while… But this morning, he reaallly woke me up with a voice of urgency and kept telling me that I have to see something.

It was a red Flying Pigeon on sale! We texted the seller immediately, and made sure we were the first to meet him to seal the deal. I haven’t decided what I’m gonna use this bike for – perhaps just nearby to Simpang Bedok, East Coast or around the area, but I love it so.

26″ metallic red, steel frame, singlespeed with rod brakes and elephant dynamo headlights

These dynamo headlights are powered by the kinetic power of the front wheel!

All it needs now is a basket of sorts at the rear

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Picnic + Poi + Climb

We cycle pass the Dairy Farm quarry every weekend and always imagine how perfect it’ll be for a lazy Saturday afternoon with friends, and perhaps with some climbing. We had it today – complete with a picnic, Poi party and some rock climbing.

This Poi thing is pretty fun actually, shall post up videos soon but here’s some shots of Cookie. Saturday afternoons should be like this.

Cookie wants to be part of the crowd too

He lies down as we lie down

And loves getting attention from Shawn

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Prototype A

Finally completed this! It took a few Sunday afternoons of hand-stitching cos the sewing machine wouldn’t run through the rubber.

Jon needed a new coin pouch, so I made this with used bicycle inner tubes and old SAF army uniforms since the old ones are now obsolete. The army uniform is great – it acts as the inner layer of the pouch, is thick and strong, and makes for a nice camo design, methinks. Together with the rubber material, this actually is quite sturdy and strong.

I think I’m getting addicted to sewing rubber? I can’t explain it but it actually feels quite good, almost the same as writing on a banana skin with a marker pen. If you haven’t tried that, u should!

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Vintage bikes

So pretty, combining two of what I love – pretty vintage dresses and bicycles. via Cophenhagen Cycle Chic

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Wallpaper for the new macbook


love Frankie Magazine. No idea why I can’t find them at Borders anymore? Could probably grab hold of them when I’m in Melbourne – 11 more days! More wallpapers here.

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Rainy mornings

Its raining and Cookie can’t go for his walk..

We’re staying indoors and going for a climb at the gym. Happy Sunday!

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The good thing about…

working in a store is that you can always get stuff last minute, say when you meet with a wardrobe malfunction. My colleagues insist I’m the most prone to that – such as wearing clothes and later realising they have holes..

But the other thing that’s awesome has to be the staff sale. And it’s great cos my feet are size 40 and I’m always able to find shoes my size at a sale. That’s a fair trade-off for having big ugly feet.

Got a pair of Beverly Feldman chunky heels from Tang+Co. It has a cute lil plate that says ‘ooh la la’. How cute.

Beverly Feldman

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New header for the new blog, taken from my backyard when I chanced upon pink laundry hanging to dry. Love the colours!

I live in an old terrace house, complete with old electrical boxes and ageing fixtures but it’s charming in it’s own way. My parents love buildings with character and age, and I guess I have taken to that too.

The overgrown backyard, where I have my breakfast and coffee every morning.

I love the B&W blinds and that plant I got at a steal from the nursery.

view to the room
View into my room with retro window grills!

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